Mobile conversion from mobile ads overtakes PC

Mobile conversion from mobile ads overtakes PC

Mobile conversion from mobile ads overtakes PC


Mobile conversion from clicking on a mobile ad to purchasing the item on mobile has now overtaken the number of mobile users that will click on a mobile ad but purchase on a PC/laptop/MAC. This is the first sign that confidence in mobile purchasing decisions is now at least on a par with the PC/laptop/MAC, and paves the way for another leap in mcommerce and mpayments activity, not to mention mobile ad spend, in 2014.

Data from mobilesquared’s Mobile Consumer Trends platform reveals that up until late 2013 the majority of UK mobile users clicking on a mobile ad would delay their purchasing decision until sat comfortably in front of their PC/laptop/MAC. This has now changed, with 4.8 million mobile users using their mobile to complete the transaction, compared to 3.9 million mobile users preferring to use their PC.

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This is a significant milestone for the mobile advertising industry and further enhances mobile’s reputation as a truly real-time device. Moreover, it confirms that consumer confidence in mobile as a trusted and secure device for commerce has reached a mass market and will continue to grow apace.

By the end of 2014, the mobilesquared data shows the divide between mobile-only purchasing and mobile-to-PC purchases increasing, with the number of “mobile only” purchases will have increased to 5.6 million compared to 4.4 million mobile-to-PC transactions.

Mobilesquared anticipates this will have a positive impact on mobile ad spend in the UK marketplace by encouraging brands to commit more budget or entice new brands onto mobile.

Please note: MCT covers UK users aged 18-64

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