Mobile Guildford returns on Feb 13

Mobile Guildford returns on Feb 13

Mobile Guildford returns on Feb 13


Mobile Guildford is the ideal opportunity to network with your local industry friends and peers without the hassle of travelling back from London. That is not to say if you are not local to the area you will not be welcome. Everyone is welcome; all we ask you to do is register.

Register here - It only takes 30 seconds

We will be at the bar from 6pm until late. There are no presentations, no hidden agendas, no sales pitches, just 100% relaxed networking. 

The event is called MoGu (Mobile Guildford) because when it started 4 years ago, it was orinigally intended to bring the mobile world together. But let's face it, since then a lot has happened and industries from far and wide have been merging on to mobile. So as long as you're in the mobile, telco, tech, digital or media world, then we will welcome you with open arms.

The February event is not sponsored, so we (mobilesquared) will provide some food - the Tickled Ivory does amazing pizzas - and you will have to cover your drinks bill.

Register here

We have reserved the Cabin area of the bar (Champagne not included).

Cabin Low Down

To register for the February 13 event please click here.

Tickled Ivory Piano Bar
Tempus Court 
Onslow Street
Guildford GU1 4SS

Tel: 01483 575 417

If you are interested in sponsoring, or in finding out more information about MoGu please email or call 0118 380 0733.

The next MoGu will be held on April 10th. Venue to be confirmed. 

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