Mobilesquared's research agenda (1)


Mobilesquared's research agenda (1)


Over the next 3 months, mobilesquared will be researching the following areas and would be delighted to speak to companies and experts involved in these areas. If you're looking to book appointments with mobilesquared at Mobile World Congress this month, hopefully the following will help you understand our agenda while at the show (Sun-Thu am).

Mobile Payments: From MPOS to mobile wallet to mobile loyalty and even mcommerce. We're planning to release our in-depth report looking at the UK mpayments ecosystem by Mobile World Congress. But even if we haven't spoken to you by MWC, and you have something to say, please get in touch.

Mobile Customer Engagement: We now operate in a world dominated by Big Data, but what does this really mean when it comes to consumer engagement? We are working on a project that explores how companies, apps, marketing campaigns truly engage with the consumer. If you have a case study, work for a client or are a company with a fascinating story to tell, then we will become your most avid listener. In particular, we want to know why your app/site/campaign was so engaging and the data you have to support this. 

Mobile Travel & Tourism: If you're in the travel and tourism sector and developed an app or mobile site, or used mobile marketing or something to do with mobile (even messaging) in an interesting and effective way, then we really want to hear from you. If you are an agency or a developer that has created an amazing app or site or mobile advertising campaign, then we want to hear from you too. 

mobilesquared will be releasing our findings of the research into the travel & tourism sector at the Mobile Travel & Tourism Summit, on 2nd April 2014, 1 America Square, London. To find out more information about the show click here

OTT: What impact is OTT having on voice and messaging (usual kind of thing there), but also we want to learn about the rise of m2m OTT communications and m2p OTT communications. Who is doing what? How can OTT tap into the mobile marketing opportunity? Can WhatsApp become the next behemoth for mobile advertising?

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