Vouchercloud's Portrait of a Mobile Consumer


Vouchercloud's Portrait of a Mobile Consumer

Where and how are your consumers looking to buy? The days of the brick-and-mortar store may not be numbered, but e-commerce is changing on a daily basis, and this data graphic below from Vouchercloud puts hard numbers on how the consumer paradigm has shifted.

Mobile traffic will go nowhere but up in the future - the number of mobile devices are on track to reach 8.2 billion by 2018, each of them averaging almost 3 gigabytes of data every month, over five times the current average. And what are consumers doing with all that data? Watching online video, curating visual lifestyle galleries, sharing viral media and making purchases from their mobile devices.

The data also shows some insightful numbers on how mobile consumers behave when using their mobile devices. For example, many users browse the web and consume media on a second screen simultaneously, often completing a purchase while they do so. Mobile commerce numbers are huge and only likely to get larger, with an estimated $626 billion in mobile commerce sales expected by 2018. Already, nearly a third of e-commerce transaction ins Japan occur via mobile devices, and over half of Amazon’s current consumers complete a purchase on a mobile device.

Consumers take their phones everywhere, and 90% of them already use their smartphones to find information like operating hours, shopping locations, and more. Contactless technologies like QR codes and Near Field Communications create more interactive experiences for customers, making the use of mobile technology more vital than ever before.

Mobile purchases and e-commerce is not just for the tech-savvy and consumer electronics crowd anymore. Every aspect of e-commerce, from tools to clothing to luxury goods is growing more competitive as shoppers grow more well-informed and selective. Today’s retailers will have to adapt to tomorrow’s mobile landscape if they want to stay competitive.

Portrait Of Mobile Consumer

Source: copy and data graphic produced by the Vouchercloud discount voucher team. 

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