Global subscriptions & smartphone forecasts by country (2015-2018)

Global subscriptions & smartphone forecasts by country (2015-2018)

Global subscriptions & smartphone forecasts by country (2015-2018)

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This Databook delivers comprehensive data and forecasts to 2018 for mobile subscriptions and smartphones in 200 markets worldwide, including a breakdown of the top 20 markets by operating system. It includes actual smartphone market numbers (not percentages) to enable businesses to plan and cost smartphone strategies accurately. The Databook includes an Excel data file plus a 16-page pdf report including; analysis of the data, summary of key trends, and the top key take outs your business needs to plan for next.

Mobilesquared Databooks are shorter and more data-packed than a traditional report. They focus on global mobile topics, and are designed to deliver all the key information you need to inform your business decisions, in a concise, accessible, 16-page report, plus separate comprehensive Excel data file.  They include latest market data, 3-year forecasts, insight and trend analysis. 

The 20 markets broken out by Operating System are:

Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, UAE, UK and the US.

CONTENTS: Global subscriptions & smartphone forecasts by country (2015-2018)

Key findings

Section 1: Subscriptions growth by region
Fig 1: Total subscriptions by region (2015-18)

Section 2: Smartphones growth by region
Fig. 2: Total smartphones by region (2015-18)
Fig. 3: Top 10 countries by net smartphone additions (2016-18)

Section 3: Regional breakdown
3.1: Africa & Middle East
Fig. 4: Africa & Middle East smartphone growth (2015-18)
3.2: The Americas
Fig. 5: The Americas smartphone growth (2015-18)
3.3: Asia Pacific
Fig. 6: Asia Pacific smartphone growth (2015-18)
3.4: Europe
Fig. 7: Europe smartphone growth (2015-18)

Section 4: Smartphones by OS
Fig.8: Smartphones by OS (2015-18)

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