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Blis Insights


Blis Insights: The influence of location on cross-screen advertising

 Published: October 2015

 Key insights into the way location influences the way, where, and when consumers engage with cross-screen advertising.

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Dsps 180


Using Mobile DSPs to Connect to the Entire Universe

 Published: January 2013

The advent of mobile demand side platforms has revolutionised the mobile advertising landscape. This Whitepaper explores the impact mDSPs have on campaign spend.

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 Mobile Video 180

Mobile Braced for Video Advertising Explosion

Published: June 2012

Cisco have long been predicting that video will engulf all internet traffic in the coming years, so it's not surprising that brands look to get in on the act and create video adverts for mobile. Here's our take on the space. 

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Mobile Geo-location Advertising Will be a Big Number by 2015

Published: February 2012

Real-time location is the one feature that separates mobile advertising from all other forms of advertising, with the ability to deliver contextual relevance regardless of time or location. Not surprisingly, geo-location's impact on mobile advertising is going to be monumental.

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USA Smartphone 180


 USA: The United Smartphones of America

Published: December 2011

Mobile advertising campaign spend rocketed in 2011 as smartphone adoption became mass market. The advertising industry leapt on the opportunity to create more compelling and engaging mobile ads based on rich media as brands finally started to embrace the mobile medium. 

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Adsmobi 1 180


  Mobile Advertising: Europe's Big Five

Published: October 2011

A detailed look at the mobile landscape that is encouragin brands across the France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK to invest in mobile advertising campaigns. From mobile internet and app users, to smartphone users and market projections.  Check out our market forecasts.

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Agency 180


Key Developments in Mobile Advertising 2011

Published: April 2011

What do the agencies think of mobile advertising, how easy is it to plan and buy mobile media, to report on campaigns? Well, when we conducted this report researching 50 agencies across the UK, the view on mobile advertising was not too favourable. We might repeat this research in the coming months, so stay tuned. 

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Powerhouse 180


The Powerhouse Now Packs a Punch

Published: April 2011

It was only a matter of time before markets like China and India started to make a huge impression on not just the mobile landscape, but on mobile advertising too. The region did have the most advanced mobile ad markets and it will also have some of the biggest.

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USMA 180


The United States of Mobile Advertising

Published: November 2010

The biggest advertising economy in the world will at some point become the largest mobile advertising market too. It's just a case of when. This White Paper reveals that it is already well on the way. 

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Powerhouse 180


Asia Pacific: Powerhouse for Mobile Advertising

Published: May 2010 

In Japan it had the most advanced mobile market in the world, closely followed by South Korea, and in China and India it boasts what will become the two biggest mobile markets in the world. So what impact will these markets have on mobile advertising spend, adoption and creativity?

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