Mobile Consumers & Loyalty

Mobile Consumers & Loyalty



The Mobile Customer Experience Report 2016

Published: April 2016

An update to The Mobile Customer Experience Report 2013 for Textlocal, this report explores the changing shape of the mobile market, and key business and consumer trends in mobile messaging.

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The PRS Consumer Report

Published: March 2016

This report explores who uses PRS and why, what they like about services and what they don’t. It is designed to give industry and the regulator insight into what attracts consumers and, just as importantly, what drives them away.

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Why mobile operators need agile networks and express deployments

Published: February 2016

This executive summary, commissioned by Tecnotree, surveys 46 global mobile operators on how they can engage customers better by implementing digital services fast. 

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Blis Insights: The influence of location on cross-screen advertising

Published: October 2015

Key insights into the way location influences the way, where, and when consumers engage with cross-screen advertising.

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Annual market review 2014, PRS market outlook 2015

Published: July 2015

mobilesquared was commissioned by UK regulator PhonepayPlus to research the premium rate services market. Bringing together extensive consumer research, street research, over 120 industry interviews, this 70-page report provides the complete PRS and payments overview. 

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Multichannel report


Mastering Multichannel Journeys: Making Engagement Pay

Published: April 2015

An in-depth report into which channels drive engagement and loyalty, from both a business and a consumer perspective.

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Subscribers set MNOs 1-hour deadline as customer care satisfaction hits 50%

 Published: April 2015

This white paper revealed that customer care by mobile operators is falling short of customer expectations. The findings were based on quantitative consumer research and qualitative mobile operator research. 

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Mastering Mobile: Making Engagement Pay

Published: March 2015

This White Paper exclusively revealed the results of new research into the top 10 best mobile brands, as voted for by UK consumers. Looking at their successful strategies and what challenges they anticipate over the next 2 years.

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Opco 180


Operator perspective on bundling, monetisation and loyalty

Published: June 2013 

The last White Paper in the series, which takes a deep dive into mobile operator views on customer loyalty and driving ARPU. A comparison of mobile operator views tracks how their mindset have changed from 2012 to 2013.

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Subs 180


Subscriber perspective to customer loyalty 

Published: May 2013

Deep analysis of what makes a mobile customer loyal and how mobile operators can prevent churn. The research covered the UK, Germany, Spain, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Argentina, Brazil & Mexico. So which market has the most loylay mobile customers?  

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Unravelling 2 180


Unravelling what makes a mobile customer loyal

Published: March 2013

Consumer and mobile operator research combined to reveal the views of mobile users and what makes them loyal and why they churn, covering 9 markets around the world. Mobile operators share their views and an interesting disconnect emerges. This is part 1 of a trilogy of white papers.

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Unraveling 180


Unravelling the Operator Bundle

Published: February 2012

An in-depth look at how mobile operators are maintaining customer loyalty in an every increasing competitve landscape, while also looking to increase ARPU. A White Paper focused on mobile operator research supplemented with extensive market research.

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MCT Report 180


Mobile Consumer Trends

Published: Sept 2011

A report taking data from mobilesquared's Mobile Consumer Trends UK database covering internet and app usage, mobile marketing and advertising consumption and m-commerce, and consumer projections.

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Connecting 180


Connecting the connected

Published: March 2011

Consumer research-led White Paper exploring what content people consumed over what device in what location. The research covered UK, France and Spain, with some very interesting findings.

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