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Secure Networks Key to A2P Monetisation

Published: September 2015

Exploring the key data and insights on the SMS A2P opportunities for Mobile Network Operators. What role do SMS firewalls play in A2P monetisation, and what do MNOs consider their greatest threats to security?

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Mastering Multichannel Journeys: Making Engagement Pay

Published: April 2015

In-depth report into which channels drive engagement and brand loyalty, from both a consumer and business point of view.

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The Right Data: Marketers need to leverage network data

Published: November 2013

Using our mobile operator database, our research targeted employees involved within the marketing and commercial divisions to gauge their access to data that allows them to make informed decisions. This White Papers reveals that 60% of mobile operator respondents do not have access to The Right Data!

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Communicating With the Mobile Shopper

Published: October 2013

As part of the series of White Papers spun out from The Mobile Customer Experience Report published earlier in the year, this report looks at the opportunities retailers have to build lasting relationships with their customers via the mobile channel.  

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Communicating With The Mobile Gambler

Published: September 2013

In conjunction with The Mobile Customer Experience Report, mobilesquared delivered a White Paper focusing specifically on the mobile gambler and how gambling companies can utilise mobile to increase communications with their customers and drive interaction and engagement. This White Paper also includes UK mobile market data,

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MCE 180


The Mobile Customer Experience Report

Published: June 2013

This 60 page book explores consumers' receptiveness to mobile messaging marketing and shows the strategies required for businesses to execute successful campaigns. Based on extensive consumer research, and research of over 300 businesses across the UK. 

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The Mobile White Book

Published: June 2012

mobilesquared provided the research, analysis and insight that provided the foundation for Velti to create this publication. Based on extensive consumer and business research throughout the UK, and supplemented by mobilesquared's own mobile market data, this publication delivered a powerful overview of how brands should communicate with consumers via the mobile device. In conjunction with The Mobile White Book, mobilesquared wrote a series of white papers providing insight on how brands can develop their mobile communciations strategies, including The UK Opportunity for 'Total Mobile' Multi-Channel Marketing, published June 2012.


Permission 180


Permission-Based Marketing

Published: October 2011

Opt-in marketing has been widely adopted for email campaigns by brands and businesses alike with mixed success, but with mobile the need for permission goes to a whole new level.  Permission-based marketing is starting to be adopted by companies as consumers start to show a willingness to receive branded communications.  

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Conversational 180


Conversational Advertising

Published: June 2010

This was the first report of its type to explore how brands could use messaging to develop an ongoing engagement and interaction with consumers. Messaging isn't sexy, but if used effectively to an opted-in database, it is the most effective form of marketing.

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