The monetisation of Portability and Verification in an A2P SMS World

Published: December 2015

A follow up to the September 2015 tyntec white paper "Secure Networks key to A2P monetisation", this white paper further explores MNO attitudes and potential monetisation of Mobile Number Portability, and Mobile Phone Verification traffic.

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Secure Networks Key to A2P Monetisation

Published: September 2015

Exploring the key data and insights on the SMS A2P opportunity for Mobile Network Operators. What role do SMS firewalls play in A2P monetisation, and what do MNOs consider to be their greatest threats to security?

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Monetising OTT


From Resistance to Partnership: Operators shift into monetising OTT

Published: November 2014

The third installment covering the impact of OTT communications on mobile operators.


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Astellia Pdf


The Right Data: Marketers need to leverage network data

Published November 2013

Using our mobile operator database, our research targeted employees involved within the marketing and commercial divisions to gauge their access to data that allows them to make informed decisions. 60% of mobile operator respondents do not have access to The Right Data!

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OTT 180


OTT Services Blow Up the Mobile Universe. Operators Must Act NOW!

Published: September 2013

Mobile operator-led research exploring the impact that OTT players like Skype and WhatsApp are having on mobile operator strategies. Is Joyn the solution or should operators look to partner with existing OTT players in order to satiate consumer demand?

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Fragmentation 180 

OTT Services: How Operators can Overcome the Fragmentation of Communication

Published: June 2012

How much of a threat to mobile operator revenues are Over The Top (OTT) communications providers? Quite large given the variety of communication formats now available to customers. Can these be consolidated?

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RCS 180


The Future of the Rich Communication Suite

Published: November 2011

Delivering a richer range of communication services to the consumer is a prerequisite for mobile operators in the face of increasing challenges from OTT communication service providers. But how prepared are mobile operators, do they have a strategy in place. and if so, was are their execution plans? 

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Volte 180


VoLTE: A Circuit-Breaker for Mobile Operators

Published June 2011

With 4G on its way and plans to take voice traffic away from circuit-switched networks onto IP using LTE (hence Voice over LTE) this White Paper researched mobile operator strategies and readiness for such a migration. 

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