Unified Communications

Unified Communications




Defining the Mobile Cloud: Infusing Mobility throughout the Modern Enterprise (September 2016)

One of the largest multi-national research projects undertaken into the enterprise. How enterprises should shape their unified communications strategy based on consumer usage and behaviour. Download here



Subscribers set MNOs 1-hour deadline as customer care satisfaction hits 50%

Published: April 2015

This white paper revealed that customer care by mobile operators is falling short of customer expectations. The findings were based on quantitative consumer research and qualitative mobile operator research. Read more by downloading here

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The Future of the Rich Communication Suite

Published: November 2011

Delivering a richer range of communication services to the consumer is a prerequisite for mobile operators in the face of increasing challenges from OTT communication service providers. But how prepared are mobile operators, do they have a strategy in place. and if so, was are their execution plans? 

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VoLTE: A Circuit-Breaker for Mobile Operators

Published June 2011

With 4G on its way and plans to take voice traffic away from circuit-switched networks onto IP using LTE (hence Voice over LTE) this White Paper researched mobile operator strategies and readiness for such a migration. 

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