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Total business messaging traffic will more than double by end 2024

By December 10, 2020No Comments

Latest research from Mobilesquared shows that total business messaging traffic – covering both A2P and P2A across SMS, RCS, and WhatsApp – amounted to 1.64 trillion in 2019 and is forecast to more than double by the end of 2024. SMS accounted for 99.2% of the total business messaging traffic in 2019, but is forecast to see its market share fall to 59.3% in 2024, with the WhatsApp Business App rising to 15.8% of the total, the WhatsApp Business API up to 13.7%, and RCS to 11.3%.

The global business messaging market will fast become a mix of different channels, serving different needs, on different device operating systems. In essence, this will be driven by brands wanting to optimise their customer communications, via aggregators, through omni-channel messaging platforms.

Total business messaging traffic by channel (2018-24)

In reality, however, this omni-channel approach has become necessitated by the fragmentation of rich business messaging as the digital powerhouses of Apple and, subsequently, Google and Facebook, realised the inherent value of their platforms amid the laboured attempt by the mobile operator community to ringfence rich messaging dollars via RCS Business Messaging (RBM).

The hegemony enjoyed by mobile operators within A2P SMS messaging appears to have been completely destroyed in the rich environment with the migration of A2P messages to both the WhatsApp Business App and RBM already evident.

Although mobile operators still have a hold on RBM, the land-grab by Google with its Guest cloud will severely weaken their grip. Moreover, while RBM will play a part in the burgeoning P2A market, the availability and emergence of other platforms such as Apple Business Chat (ABC), WhatsApp Business API, and Google Business Messages (GBM), means its influence will be severely diminished.

Our latest report GLOBAL BUSINESS MESSAGING, TOTAL TRAFFIC & SPEND FORECASTS – BY REGION, COUNTRY, MNO, CHANNEL, ROUTE, & VALUE CHAIN (2019-24) not only outlines the combined A2P/ P2A business messaging traffic and spend and forecasts across SMS, RBM, and WhatsApp, but also tracks the cannibalisation of A2P SMS by both RBM and the WhatsApp Business App.

For more details about this research please contact: Gavin Patterson, Chief Data Analyst at

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