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Messaging is the next mega platform and will overtake the mobile internet

By December 11, 2020July 27th, 2022No Comments

Messaging will overtake the mobile internet – and probably the internet including social media, as the go-to channel used by brands to communicate with consumers. Today, there are more than 3.5 billion mobile internet users, in fact, there are more mobile internet users than desktop internet users. When the mobile internet hit scale, it became ‘a thing’. Brands fell for the mobile internet’s charms because smartphones put more people online, more frequently, regardless of their location, and this provided another window of opportunity to connect with consumers.

But the problem with the internet (mobile or not), is that the consumer has to be on a particular website on a certain page to be served an ad. In today’s online world, multiple ads are being served on a single page (often in a very crass and intrusive way) delivering a very poor experience to that user. And more importantly, viewability and brand safety are often poor to non-existing.

Not surprisingly, consumers have become savvy to the over-abundance of advertising that now exists on the internet and have developed an internet advertising immune system like banner blindness.

This is not the case with messaging. A message delivered when the consumer’s device is locked will sit on the locked screen. A user does not have to do anything to see if the message is from any brand. It’s there simply waiting for them to open it. What’s more, messaging not only provides the reach but can target the user based on age, spend, mobile spend and so on.

Not only do brands need to divest of channels that are not delivering an ROI for them, but they need to go where their customers are. And that is messaging – actually rich messaging -and that is why it is being heralded as the new internet. The number of rich messaging users globally is now on par with the mobile internet, and people are spending an increasing share of their mobile time chatting on messaging apps. Brands must find ways of utilizing rich messaging channels in a non-intrusive and brand empowering way in order to become an intrinsic element of these chats.

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