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It’s 2021 and time for brands to take messaging seriously as a digital channel

By January 6, 2021No Comments

Why do brands need to constantly assess and evaluate how effective their digital media spend is? Simply put, in the digital landscape a medium that worked well until fairly recently can fast become tired and obsolete, and that is what’s happening in certain parts of digital. Brands also need to be where their customers are. And with messaging becoming the new internet (and social media) with an unrivalled reach, brands need to respond quickly.

Every year brands are wasting billions of dollars from their digital media budgets on digital advertising campaigns that yield a minuscule return. In fact, of every $1 million spent on banner advertising, a lowly average CTR of 0.1% or $1,000 is effectively generating a return on investment for each brand, which means $999,999 is wasted. This is not, and should not be, sustainable for any brand actively pursuing digital campaigns, especially when considering the universality and targeting of channels, such as messaging, that are now available. In the early days of digital advertising, banners achieved reasonable effectiveness, but their heyday has long since past, and new channels present new and exciting opportunities.

As our free white paper RCS: The game changer the industry has been waiting for highlights, brand campaigns on RCS are already outperforming existing channels by over 207% (two hundred and seven percent). We are only at the start of the RCS journey, but it is already attracting major brands like McDonald’s, Subway, Disney, Virgin Trains, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns to name just a few, as they look to make more effective use of their digital media budgets. The effectiveness and reach of RCS have also been recognized by global nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) such as the United Nations and the World Health Organization who have started running campaigns across multiple markets during 2020.


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