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Event and session RCS pricing models viewed as short-term option

By June 10, 2021No Comments

Per event and session-based pricing are viewed as the preferred go-to-market pricing models for RCS but these will be replaced by innovative pricing models in the medium- and longer-term.

In a series of polls run during Mobilesquared’s first BUMP webinar on RCS Pricing Strategies, existing RCS pricing models of per event and sessions remain the preferred pricing model for RCS, according to one-third of participants. This was ahead of “event-based on richness of content” on 29% of participants, while one-quarter of participants selected “all of the above”. A pricing model based on “data consumption” was the least preferred option.

In truth, there was no clear standout model selected by participants, which highlights the uncertainty facing RCS pricing strategies today. What became abundantly clear is that 87% of participants only view event and session pricing models as short-term options.

In a follow-up poll asking “Do you feel that the current pricing models based on events and sessions are monetising the full value of RCS?”, almost two-thirds (61%) view events and sessions as short-term models, expecting more innovative models to emerge in the long-term. A further 26% of participants believe that existing RCS pricing models will be replaced by digital models in the longer term. A lowly 13% of participants view events and sessions as the long-term model.

The majority of participants (58%) believed that the market should dictate the RCS pricing framework, followed by 21% who think an independent panel of cross-industry experts should set out the framework. Only 13% of participants thought that mobile operators should set the RCS pricing framework, and just 4% in support of aggregators and trade bodies.

What was comprehensive (71% of participants) was the view that RCS is a completely different solution to SMS, and should not be seen as an SMS replacement. 21% have the view that RCS is like SMS but makes engagement easier, leaving 7% still unsure as to what exactly the RCS proposition is.

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