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What Is A CPaaS Platform?

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Communications platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) offers application leaders a cloud-based service to implement real-time communication strategies (for example, voice, messaging and video) into their existing business applications. In short, it is a set of communication tools to help solve business and communication problems. 

CPaaS is primarily focused on enriching customer communication channels. This is because CPaaS lets developers program the entire breadth of real-time, cloud-based communications platforms into their own applications to give customers the best experience available. 

Key Functions of a CPaaS Platform

There are a number of CPaaS functions you can add to your communication stack to enable efficient communication between your business and your customers, take a look:

Inbound and Outbound Voice Call Handling

How you handle your call volume determines how easy it is for customers to make purchases and get support, which is why managing inbound and outbound calls is crucial. 

You can take advantage of voice API and embed outgoing calling to your communications stack. This is great for scaling up and down based on your needs, and you can get new phone numbers and calling features almost instantly. Call routing will also make incoming call processing easier via webhooks which allows the system to follow a set of instructions on what to do with the call.

Text messages (SMS)

You can build SMS communication into your software to allow you to send notifications, alerts, and more, all from your business number. You can also build two-way messaging into your system, making it easy for your customers to respond to you. 

Multimedia And Video Messaging

SMS API also supports sending and receiving images, videos, and many other media and file formats.

Social Messaging

Social messaging apps like WhatsApp are great for customer engagement, allowing businesses to connect with customers easily by using tools to automate, sort and quickly respond to messages. WhatsApp also integrates other CPaaS functions, for example, you can use it to share locations, send and receive image and video messages, share files, and see if your message was delivered and read.

what is a cpaas platform?

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Call Masking (Number Masking)

Call masking allows you to mask your caller ID and phone number by displaying a different number instead, such as a local number from that area. Call masking lets you override your outgoing caller ID, which may prevent customers from answering.


How CPAAS Helps Businesses

When it comes to communication, especially mobile communication, customers simply expect more – more reliability, more options and more accessibility – all of which is provided by CPaaS. CPaaS is a popular option today for businesses of all sizes because it brings a ton of benefits, from boosting customer satisfaction to improving efficiency and tracking/analysing customers’ journey. 

It Boosts Customer Relations

The biggest reason why CPaaS can help your business is that it can provide your customers with a superior customer experience, helping you build lasting relationships with them. When you combine CPaaS tools with your existing applications, you can give real-time contextual answers to your customers’ queries in a way that appeals to them. For example, some people may prefer a video-enabled helpdesk, whereas others may prefer assistance via WhatAapp. 

It Allows You To Track Your Customer’s Journey

Since CPaaS is a cloud platform that encompasses a gamut of services, you can use it to track a customer’s journey and experience across different channels. This helps you learn more about your customers, their preferences and buying patterns, so that you can offer a better, personalised service. 


Security is an important area where CPaaS can help, especially if you’re in the healthcare and banking industry. CPaas can be used for authentication and, in the process, minimise frauds and identity threats. The platform can also monitor employee’s activities, improving your organisation’s overall security, both internally and externally. 

It Improves Efficiency

CPaaS improves the efficiency of employees as they can use multiple channels to collaborate with colleagues to improve the quality of service provided to customers.

You can also customise the system to meet your specific needs and preferences, for example you can alter the API to send automatic SMS reminders to customers.

what is cpaas platform

CPaaS is ideal if your business is focused on customer experience and invested in transformation.


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Written by Kate, for Mobilesquared.

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