Mobilesquared Databooks

Mobilesquared Databooks reboot the traditional market report format, by delivering our forecasts in a user-friendly dashboard format, so you can navigate straight to the data you need without having to search through pages of text. Databook forecasts are accompanied by an executive summary report outlining the key data and market trends, and are extremely competitively priced.

Databooks deliver:

  • Global, regional & national 5-year forecasts
  • National forecasts for 200 global markets
  • Individual forecasts for 650 mobile operators

Topics covered by Mobilesquared Databooks include; A2P SMS Messaging, RCS Business Messaging, WhatsApp for Business, Apple Business Chat, RCS Monetisation (P2P, Operator Strategy, Search, Advertising, Payments and IoT), RCS Brand Strategy & Onboarding, and our unique RCS Monthly Active Live User Tracker tool.

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