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Mobilesquared’s analysts have been researching the mobile industry for more than 20 years, and have covered the business messaging market as a core area for over 10 years, following the publication of our Conversational Advertising messaging report in 2010. Our service offering has now evolved to researching and consulting exclusively on the messaging space, and as such we are recognised as the foremost analysts covering business messaging  by the media and mobile industry, and the only global analyst company 100% dedicated business messaging intelligence.

Our ongoing research incorporates exclusive insight from hundreds of 1-2-1 interviews, conversations or discussions with mobile operators, aggregators, messaging providers, firewall providers, and brands, which helps us shape our proprietary industry data. Each of the 200 countries we cover is based on actual market data, ranging from cost-per-message, traffic volumes, to year-on-year growth. Our forecasts contain actual market data from over 100 mobile operators – and growing rapidly since Mobilesquared joined the GSMA in October 2019.

The output of this research is our Databook and Report products, which can be purchased individually or as a 12 month Business Messaging subscription bundle. Databooks put the focus on the data itself, with granular market data in Excel format and searchable by region, country, operator, sector and more, plus accompanying data commentary and analysis by region.  Our reports are delivered as more traditional PDF documents, offering a deep dive into specific topic areas.

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