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If you’re looking for data and forecasts on a particular mobile market or topic, you might be interested in our off-the-shelf Databooks solution, priced from £499. Databooks include five-year forecast data for 200 global mobile markets (click here to see the full list of markets).

But if it’s more specific data you need, we can put together a tailored research package to fit your budget.

Mobilesquared Databooks

Mobilesquared Databooks are not like traditional industry reports. Databooks focus on the numbers first and foremost, delivering key data on top global mobile markets and topics, wrapped up in a comprehensive Excel data file for ease of use, plus accompanying PDF Executive Summary containing analysis of the data. No need to wade through hundreds of pages to access the insight you need to inform your business decisions, all the data is at your fingertips.

Mobilesquared Databooks cover 200 global mobile markets, and are priced from £499. Click below to view the full list of markets and topics covered.

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Bespoke research package

From international consumer research panels of thousands, to in depth interviews with senior business contacts in your target sector, we can put together a research package which ensures your market strategy is informed by robust data and insight, and has been rigorously stress-tested by multiple sources.

We also manage a proprietary data and forecasting tool covering 200 global markets, which we use to add further dimension to the insight we deliver to our clients. 

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Databooks Available  


Full online version £4390 + VAT / Redacted Excel version £2995 + VAT

The Global A2P SMS Messaging Forecasts by Country 2017-2022, is the largest piece of research undertaken on the global A2P SMS market to date. It provides detailed data and analysis on the A2P opportunity in 200 key global markets (view the full list of markets here), with 5 year forecasts for all 200 markets. The full report contains 3.7 million data points, and is essential reading for any business looking to future proof its A2P strategy.

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£2995 + VAT Country Data / £4995 + VAT Mobile Operator Data

The Global RCS Business Messaging Forecasts Databook 2018-2023 is the largest piece of research undertaken on the global RCS Business Messaging market to date, and the only forecasts available delivering national as well as regional data. It provides detailed data and analysis on the RCS business messaging opportunity in up to 200 key global markets and up to 650 mobile operators, with 5 year forecasts for all markets. This Databook is a must-read for any company looking to invest an RCS strategy.

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