Data Visualisation

Make your data visual

Our in-house data viz solutions can bring your data to life, enabling you to manage thousands of data points in one online dashboard, and slice and dice your numbers any way you choose to create unlimited data scenarios.

Data visualisation dashboards

We’re all visual creatures, and using dynamic graphics lets you engage multiple audiences faster, without spending hours manually creating numerous charts, or flicking backwards and forwards through sections of text.

Data viz dashboards can be used as an online component to complement whitepapers or reports, to visualise particularly complex data scenarios. Or we can create a standalone enhanced data viz dashboard, which incorporates text on each online tab to tell the “story” behind each set of graphics.

Experiment with our data visualisation of global smartphone usage demographics….

Experiment with data visualisation


Apps are a creative way to weave your insight and expertise into an interactive tool that resonates with your audience, and delivers on value and recall.  If research shows that your solutions are relevant to a wide audience, and you have a compelling proposition to communicate, an app could deliver the cut through you need. Not to mention generating an average of 3.5 x more leads.

To have sticking power, apps need to be developed with customer experience front of mind, with relevant and genuinely useful content, and engaging design. Take a look at a recent “Connectivity M.O.T.” app we created for UK infrastructure and connectivity company M247, for inspiration

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