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Mobilesquared is uniquely placed to provide intelligence on the emerging RCS opportunity. Having researched the messaging space since 2008, we are deeply embedded in the messaging community, and have become recognised as the go-to resource for data on all-things messaging and RCS.

We’re the analysts behind the most quoted stat in mobile messaging (“90% of SMS’s are read within 3 minutes”), and have published several major reports on the global A2P SMS messaging market, including the projected impact of RCS on SMS revenues to 2022.

Following on from our  A2P SMS messaging research, we have completed the largest piece of research on the RCS market to date, encompassing consumer, enterprise and industry research, to give a clear view of the global RCS opportunity for the very first time, at a national level. This research includes 5-year forecasts, for 200 global markets and 650 mobile operators (full list of 200 markets here).

As the output of this research, we are now offering the following resources to clients who need accurate data and market insight to inform their RCS strategy:

RCS Databook + Report: Global RCS forecasts by country, 2018-2023, covering 200 markets / 650 mobile operators, dependent on RCS rollout (published September 2018. Click here for full details and to pre-order)

Interactive RCS Databook: all of the above, plus the capability to input your proprietary market data into our forecast model (available September 2018)

RCS Actual User Tracker: an online tool tracking RCS actual user growth in 50 key markets, split out by RCS specification, up to Universal Profile 1.0, and Universal Profile 2.0 and beyond (live from September 2018)

RCS Strategy Workshop: A half-day workshop event, open to brands, mobile network operators, aggregators and any companies involved in the engagement ecosystem. Delivering an overview of the RCS opportunity and a roadmap to implementation (London, UK, 18th October 2018. Contact us for more details)

RCS Country Workshops: A one-day, behind-closed-doors workshop available for sole sponsorship by mobile vendors and held in the sponsors’s home market. Delivering an RCS deployment strategy for companies in attendance, based on national market data and analysis from Mobilesquared, allied with an RCS industry expert. (Contact us for more details)

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