Global Business Messaging Total Traffic and Spend Forecasts 2019-2024

Global Business Messaging Total Traffic & Spend Forecasts 2019-2024

Published January 2021 (updated biannually)

Our Global Business Messaging Total Traffic & Spend Forecasts 2019-2024 Databook provides the most comprehensive view of all existing industry data covering the global business messaging community. It is the culmination of over 5 years of continuously updated research into the business messaging market, and brings together all our forecasts to date across all key business messaging channels. See report overview and contents below for full details of what this Databook covers by chapter.

This Databook includes detailed 5-year forecasts for 200 national markets as a searchable data file, plus an accompanying market report including data commentary and analysis. If you purchase the Global Business Messaging Databook, you will also receive the following three standalone Databooks at no extra cost, as part of your complete overview of the business messaging market:

This Databook provides:

  • Segmented views of  both A2P and P2A business messaging traffic and spend and forecasts
  • Covers A2P SMS, RBM, and WhatsApp
  • 5-year national forecasts for 200 countries (view the full list of markets here)
  • Tracks the cannibalization of A2P SMS by both RBM and the WhatsApp Business App

This Databook is available to buy as a global report covering 200 markets, or as regional versions covering one of the following four regions; Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East & Africa. This Databook will be updated March 2021.


*Future iterations of this Databook will add coverage of other channels, such as Apple Business Chat (ABC), Viber business messaging, and Google Business Messages (GBM), as and when they are available.

Key findings

  • Total business messaging
  • A2P SMS
  • RCS
  • WhatsApp


The impact of RBM on A2P SMS

The impact of Google on RCS

The impact of WhatsApp Business on A2P SMS

The impact of COVID-19 on business messaging

Chapter 1: Global Business Messaging

Migration of A2P SMS Business Messaging traffic

  • Global traffic overview
  • Global spend overview

Chapter 2: A2P SMS Business Messaging

  • Global traffic overview
    • White-route vs Grey-route traffic
    • National vs. international traffic
    • Traffic by sector
  • Global spend overview
    • White-route vs. grey-route spend
    • National vs. international income
    • Spend by sector
    • MNO vs. aggregator income
    • Potential income
    • Impact on Aggregators
    • Income leakage

Chapter 3: RCS Business Messaging

RCS network forecasts

RCS user forecasts

  • RCS traffic forecasts
    • Event-based A2P RBM traffic
    • Chat-based A2P RBM traffic
    • Event-based P2A RBM traffic
    • Chat-based P2A RBM traffic
    • Total RBM traffic
  • RBM pricing & business models
  • RBM spend forecasts
    • Event-based A2P RBM spend
    • Chat-based A2P RBM spend
    • Event-based P2A RBM spend
    • Chat-based P2A RBM spend
    • Total RBM spend

Chapter 4: WhatsApp Business Messaging

Enterprise data

WhatsApp users

WhatsApp business messaging traffic

WhatsApp Business messaging pricing

  • Development of WhatsApp Business messaging
    • WhatsApp Business App
    • WhatsApp Business API
  • WhatsApp Business App forecasts
    • Traffic
  • WhatsApp Business API forecasts
    • Traffic
    • Spend/ Income



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