MessageMap IQ, launching October 2020, will provide precise messaging user intelligence to empower your business messaging strategy. It is a new data platform from Mobilesquared which brings together all of our data and forecasts (over 7 million unique data points across 200 global markets), in one platform for the first time, and delivers a uniquely holistic view of the messaging user landscape in any country or vertical, including data for all global messaging channels.

MessageMap IQ offers companies across the mobile ecosystem a transparent understanding of their messaging opportunity that is 100% aligned with the reporting data they need to support a business case. No wasted budget buying multiple reports to get a robust understanding of the market, just one customised report based on your business’s criteria.  Delivers visibility of a brand’s messaging users across single or multiple markets, enabling them to make effective ROI based budget investment decisions, and enables operators and aggregators to develop an intelligent rich messaging strategy based on comprehensive and reliable reach and revenue data.

Insight is delivered in a summary report, accompanied by an in-person presentation by our analysts tailored to your business. Scroll down to see how data is mapped and segmented across each market.

MessageMap IQ empowers your company to make the right decision, based on the most respected data and forecasts in the business messaging industry. Mobilesquared’s business messaging forecasts are trusted by leading brands including Vodafone, PwC, Mastercard, Google, Interop Technologies, Mavenir, HGC Communications, Infobip, Syniverse and McKinsey & Company.

Each market contains the following data:

Channels covered

  • SMS
  • RCS
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • ABC

Each channel segmented by

  • Population
  • Unique mobile subscribers
  • Unique smartphone users
  • Unique non-smartphone users
  • SMS users
  • RCS users
  • WhatsApp users
  • SMS only users
  • Messenger users

Each channel user group segmented by

  • Gender (M/F)
  • Demographic (Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, Baby Boomers, Baby Boomers Premium)
  • Market vertical (Automotive, Broadcasters, Education, Enterprise Software, Finance, Gambling, Healthcare, Internet Streaming, Leisure & Sports, Public Services, Retail & Ecommerce, Social Media, Telecoms, Transport & Logistics, Travel & Hospitality, Utilities)
  • Use case (Alerts, Customer Services, Path to Purchase, Reminders, Vouchers, Security)

Revenues segmented by

  • A2P SMS revenues by vertical / use case
  • Traffic / spend migration by vertical / use case
  • Revenue generation / pricing model impact

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