MessageMap IQ is an innovative solution which enables you to design a business messaging intelligence report specifically aligned to your business’s requirements. It unlocks a clear and detailed omnichannel view of your messaging opportunity by market, channel, and customer. There’s no need to collate overlapping data from multiple suppliers, no downtime and no wasted budget – just precise, customised data to support your business strategy in the world’s largest engagement platform. View a full sample interactive report below to see what MessageMap IQ can do, and download a PDF version here.

Sample MessageMap IQ report:

Download Mexico report as PDF

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MessageMap IQ is powered by Mobilesquared’s business messaging dataset, containing over 7 million unique data points which cover; 200 national markets, 650 mobile operators, 16 verticals and 6 use cases. See exactly which data categories MessageMap IQ covers, how it can support your business if you are an enterprise or mobile company, and view what’s included in the MessageMap IQ report package.

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