RCS Monetisation Report: P2P

RCS Monetisation Report: P2P

(Published Sep 2019)

The RCS Monetisation Report: P2P is the first in a series of reports looking at the various options available to the RCS ecosystem to make money out of RCS and RCS Business Messaging. This series will provide an incredibly insightful look at key monetisation topics emerging in the RCS arena.

The P2P report looks at the three opportunities to monetise RCS — and not from rich business messaging (RBM); a pricing model; sponsored GIFs and stickers; commercial databases. But the monetisation of RCS is not without risks.

Two of the key takeaways from this report are:

• Mobilesquared believes a grey market will emerge in RBM, driven by A2P spam traffic over RCS P2P. A lack of consistency regarding sender verification will also potentially allow rogue companies to gain official RBM status and send spam as RBM.

• Mobilesquared recommends that every mobile operator launching RCS, or for every new RCS registration, the user/s receive a standardised mandatory RBM, clearly explaining what they need to look for, such as the brand’s logo at the top of the message, the verification “tick”, and so on.

Page 1: Key Takeaways
Page 2: Section 1; Introduction
Page 5: Section 2; The P2P RCS market
Page 6: Section 2; P2P RCS users
Page 7: Section 3; Spam prevention model
Page 10: Section 4; P2P content sharing
Page 10: Section 4; Sponsored content
Page 12: Section 4; The mobile operator view
Page 12: Section 4; The US RCS GIF opportunity
Page 14: Section 4; The global RCS opportunity
Page 15: Section 5; Conclusion

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