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Our reports cover all areas of mobile and unified communications, including; mobile marketing and advertising, A2P messaging/OTT messaging, customer experience, 5G, broadband, mobile payments, mobile consumer engagement and loyalty, and unifed communications. Browse some of our recent reports below, or click on the menu to search reports by topic.

Online Retail Guide: Creating Meaningful moments across the digital journey.

Finance and Insurance Guide: Reaching customers more effectively in a competitive marketplace

Gambling Guide: Build lasting relationships through instant communication

Recruitment Guide: How SMS can support the modern consultant

Consumer trust hanging in the balance with the threat of SS7 attacks

Conversational Advertising

The monetisation of Portability and Verification in an A2P SMS World

Defining the Mobile Cloud: Infusing Mobility throughout the Modern Enterprise

Secure Networks Key to A2P Monetisation

Mastering Multichannel Journeys: Making Engagement Pay

The State of SMS: The definitive guide to mobile marketing and alerts

Annual Market Review 2016-17: Phone-paid Services Authority

The Mobile Customer Experience Report 2016

The influence of location on cross-screen advertising

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